A Ticket to Meet Santa

A Ticket to Meet Santa

Emma was a third-grade student chosen to narrate a story during the Christmas celebrations in her school. 

“Good Morning! My name is Emma and I’m here to…pressennt…”

Emma stammered as if all the words were choking up on her. Her mind went blank as she stood intimidated by the large audience. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She ran off the stage and rushed to her classroom.

“Emma! You will do better with time,” comforted her friend Lucy.

“No! It only seems to get worse every time. If only I had something magical…,” said Emma.

“Hmm! Listen, here’s a train ticket. A magical train will appear amidst the clouds at midnight. Be ready to flash this ticket from your window. The train will take you to the North Pole and you can meet Santa. He will help you.”

“Really? Who gave you the ticket and how do you know all this?”

“Well! You will find out. For now, follow my instructions.”

“Ok, Lucy!”

Emma went home. After dinner she went to her room and tossed in her bed restlessly. As soon as the clock struck twelve she rushed to her window.

A train magically appeared from the sky. She flashed the ticket and it landed beside her house. Emma stealthily climbed out from the window and boarded the train. The train raced at a great speed and finally landed at the North Pole.

Emma got off and was fascinated by the Christmas wonderland. It was bustling with a lot of activity. 

She could see a log house with a signboard that said ‘Santa’. She went in.

“What brings you here, dear?” asked Santa.

“Santa! I get those nasty jitters whenever I’m on stage. I forget all that I have to speak. Can you give me something magical to overcome my anxiety?” asked Emma fervently.

“Alright! Take this magical stone. Hold the stone and chant these verses before every stage performance;

Shiny little stone turn magical for me,
Chase away my jitters and happy I shall be.

With repeated use, the magical powers of the stone will improve. By next Christmas, your jitters will surely disappear.”

“Thank you, Santa.”

“And, take this envelope. Promise to open it only after your jitters vanish.”

“I promise!”

Emma returned home. She held the stone and chanted the verses before every stage performance. In the beginning, the stone didn’t seem effective but after a few months, it did wonders. She felt very confident.

With all her jitters gone, she opened the envelope given by Santa. The letter inside read;

Dear Emma,

There is nothing magical about the stone. With practice, your jitters vanished and you gained confidence. Remember, magic is something you make. Best wishes to you. There is a ticket along with this letter. Give it to someone who needs a little boost. :)

With Love,


Emma was grateful to Santa. Now she understood who gave Lucy the ticket. Emma was now on the lookout for someone who needed a ticket to meet Santa.


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