A Tree in a Tray

A Tree in a Tray

You brouhaha at my allure
Preen over my branches array
Awe over ‘a tree in a tray’
Bringing blooms in Nature, indoor

But,wish my arms grasp the azure
Cool breeze sashay through my branches
Boughs grow heavy with roost and fruit
Hearken the tweets of the wee ones
Bestow shade and refuge to amblers
While roots hanker for spread and water

A girl child too has no leeway
Extolled,glorified,fawned over
Disciplined to be mute,demure
Visions, notions stifled anyway

Unbound she wishes to soar
Her wishes with a fervour embracing
Chasing her dreams myriad
Rivetting diligence on her aims
Bidding to forge further
Reaching her goal solo she aspires

For beauty,a tree is smothered
And the Order stifles the girl child
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