A Treehouse of Memories

A Treehouse of Memories

Appa? I’m going out for a bit.’ Min Jung set her glass of cider on the coffee table. The warm fire burning mild in the fireplace. 

‘Okay, ttal. Be safe, alright?’ He placed a small kiss on her forehead. Min Jung chuckled in response and hummed with a nod. 

‘Min Jung-ah, it’s cold outside. Grab your jacket on the way,’ her mother added. 

Eomma,’ she whined, putting on a pair of black boots. ‘I’m 24, not 6!’ She rolled her eyes but a smile played on her face.

Her mother chuckled and ruffled her hair before smoothening it out. ‘You’ll always be a kid to me. Even if you’re 80.’

Min Jung stood up from the chair. ‘Aish. No point in trying to convince you, is there?’

Her mother simply replied with a smile. ‘Don’t be out too late’

‘I won’t,’ she said before shutting the door close. 

She let out a small gasp, a puff of air escaping her mouth. 

Why didn’t I come back home sooner? This feels good, she thought. And it really, really did.

Min Jung tugged her coat around herself, the wind pushing her hair against her face. A fond smile lay on her face as she gaped at the creaky treehouse ahead. Her father had built it for her when she was a child, and now it lay abandoned, covered by leaves and branches.

Her chocolate eyes sparkled. She climbed up the ladder, pausing at the faded sign – ‘Min Jung’s Secret Area! Say the password to enter!’

A carpet of dust and dried leaves covered the floor, but the posters, photo frames, paintings shone bright; along with a million memories. 

Walking around the small space, the memories of her childhood rushed back. She always sat here with her father, star-gazing at night or painting in the day or dancing at noon.

Scanning the room, her eyes stopped at a little box peeping through a faded pink blanket. Of course! She crouched down on the ground, lifting the box out of its place. Stickers and small papers and scribbles covered the surface of the box. She brushed her fingers over the box. Lifting the lid open, a little paper flew out of the box. Catching it mid-air, she opened up a folded note. 

Dear Fuchur Min Jung,

I hope yor life is as amazing as mine rite now! Or maybi even bete better!

If yoo ever see this, here is a tinee remynnder – keep smilling! 

P.S. I just want to know wun thing. Do i-screems still exist? Pleese tell me they do!! 

Lots of luv,

Min Jung 🙂

P.P.S., I turned 6 today!

Keep smiling, huh? She chuckled, tucking the paper into the box again. Maybe she’d visit again in a few years and smile again. Her soft gaze flitted to the bright stars shining in the dark sky. She smiled and said to herself, ‘Maybe it’s time to bring back life into this place. Make new memories.’ 
Glossary of Korean words used:
Eomma – Mother 
Ttal – Daughter 
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