A Trip to Avenger Endgame

A Trip to Avenger Endgame

I was playing in the playground and Hulk came to see me. We started to play together in the playground. Suddenly Hulk got a call from Avengers as there is a war alert. He then asked me to join his Avenger team to fight the war against Thanos. I told Hulk that I might not be fit to fight this war. Later Hulk mentioned me that he will ensure to train and make me hundred percent fit for the war. I immediately accepted and went to join Avengers along with Hulk. 

Ironman and Thor welcomed me. Initially they evaluated me for various criteria on my mental and body stability to handle a war. I was able to endure the first test which was very much appreciated by Ironman and he gave me a special hulk buster suite to use in the war. 

I was put in a serious training by Captain America and Thor. My training started with using guns, hulk buster, flying with the suite. I also got trained on fighting technique like martial arts, Karate. Bow and the arrow training was included. I improved my stamina by doing exercises and eating healthy food.  Finally, I was fully trained and ready to go to the battlefield. 

I went with the Avenger team to the battlefield and started to fight against Thanos and his team. The was very hard. Thanos team was very strong with all kind of monster creatures. I used my super powers for fighting. I used guns attached in the hulk buster suite to kill the monsters. 

Everyone from Avengers also fought with their super powers to defeat the Thanos. But Thanos was very strong with his precious stones. The war was very furious that I got to fly and shoot the monsters with the Hulk buster radian gun. After all the struggle we initially failed.

Later decided to remove the precious stones from Thanos to remove his power and strength. Me and my avenger team started to focus on Thanos and his hand to remove his super stones. 

Ironman and myself pull Thanos and Spider man tied Thanos with that we removed the Thanos precious stones. I finally put the precious stone in my hulk bluster suite and snipped. Finally, Thanos and his team is vanished into ashes. This way we won the war and save our planet to keep humans safe. 

As I played a critical role in concluding the war against Thanos Ironman and Avengers team asked me to play the next leader of Avengers. I proudly accepted their kindness and started to work as the Avenger leader. 

After few weeks Loki Thor’s brother set another war against our planet Earth in black panther kingdom Wakanda. I asked my team to immediately take the aircraft and reached Wakanda. There we started our fight against Loki. There we fought with all our powers to defeated Loki and his super powers. Finally, I won this match also.  

As a leader Life of Avengers to save the planet Earth will keep on continuing till my last moment. 

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