A Trip to Neverland

A Trip to Neverland

“Why is everything so boring?” I grumbled as I walked in my backyard.

It was the summer holidays and while all my friends were enjoying their holidays in France, the Maldives, or some cool place, I was stuck at home. Both my parents are doctors, and we hardly go out anywhere. 

It was a hot afternoon, and I planned to spend the rest of the afternoon sitting in my hammock, doing absolutely nothing.

Just as I was about to doze off, I heard a buzzing sound.

“Shoo!” I said. 

“Stop, stop,” I heard a tiny voice shout.

“Huh?” I said confused.

I looked around and saw a small person with tiny wings.

I looked a little closer and gasped. “Are you Tinkerbell?”

“Yes, I am,” said the small fairy, in a high-pitched voice. “One of my friends is in big trouble and Peter Pan asked me to bring you there to help us.”

I stared at her wide-eyed, not able to believe what I was hearing and seeing.

“Well,” Tinkerbell said, with her head tilted to one side. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.”

“But I”-

“Oh. I almost forgot,” she said, taking out a small bag attached to her waist. 

“With this pixie dust, you can fly with me to Neverland.”

She sprinkled some pixie dust on me, and I started flying. It was amazing to be up in the sky.

“Welcome to the best place in the world- Neverland,” Tinkerbell said proudly as we entered a place that looked like it was from a fairytale.

We landed at the edge of a forest, near a river, where many people seemed to be discussing something serious.

As soon as they saw us, they stopped talking. 

“Hello Gayathri,” Peter Pan said. “All of us have been waiting for you.”

“Really?” I said surprised. “It’s umm…a pleasure meeting all of you,” I said, unsure of what I was supposed to say.

“I don’t mean to disturb this nice greeting, but we don’t have a lot of time,” said a small Red Indian girl.

“Yes,” said Peter Pan, as he cleared his throat.

“Captain Hook and his pirate crew have taken one of Tinkerbell’s friends, Silvermist as a captive. He has threatened to drown her tonight unless we tell them where a hidden treasure is.”

“That’s horrid,” I said shocked.

“Captain Hook and his crew are in a small tent. No inhabitants of Neverland can enter the tent as he has cast a spell on us. We need you to free Silvermist. Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily will lead you to the tent.”

“We shouldn’t let any of the pirates see us,” Tinkerbell said as we went to the tent.

“The pirates had promised to be kind, but now they have gone back to their old ways,” said Tiger Lily, the Red Indian girl, who had spoken earlier.

“Now you have to be careful,” said Tinkerbell, as we reached the tent. 

She took out a bag, similar to her pixie dust bag, and gave it to me.

“When you enter the tent, sprinkle the dust from this bag over you. You will become invisible temporarily. Find Silvermist, free her, and quickly come back here.”

I nodded and followed her instructions. As soon as I entered the tent, I saw pirates sitting right in front of me. I froze for a moment, then remembered that they couldn’t see me. I saw a small cage to my left, where Silvermist was locked inside. I opened it quietly and took Silvermist out.

Just as I was about to leave the tent, the invisibility spell wore off, and the pirates saw me.

“Sneaky girl, ya think yar too smart, huh?” said a pirate. Me, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, and Silvermist started running, as the pirates started coming after us.

“Come this way,” shouted Tinkerbell.

“But isn’t this the river”-

“Just follow me,” Tinkerbell said.

A crocodile emerged from the river and started chasing the pirates.

“Oh no,” shouted Captain Hook. “It’s the crocodile! Mr.Smee , heeeeeelllpp!”

“Thank you,” said Peter Pan, as he and the others came out of their hideout. “Now, Tinkerbell will escort you back home.”

“I wish I didn’t have to come back home,” I sighed when we reached my backyard.

“Don’t worry. Whenever you’re bored, whisper my name three times, and I’ll take you to Neverland,” Tinkerbell said.

I smiled to myself as I watched her fly away. This was the best summer vacation I had ever had.

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