A Virtual Realm

A Virtual Realm

On the haunting trail
Of a bygone era
My dusty memories
Took an unexpected turn
Bringing vivid flashes
Of the days ablaze
With love, laughter and life

My childhood shouted aloud
From the rooftops 
Where the kids had gathered
For another somnolent evening
When powercuts had an upside
And neighbours were like family

Elders coiled up on their cots
Like hosepipes that had done their job
The watered floor cooled the air
And the aroma of savouries 
Dissolved in a hot teacup next door
Creating sounds louder
Than the generator of the landlord
With the big house around the corner

Stories hung like clothes 
Over the half-built boundaries
And mothers clipped them with hushed voices
The ungrateful son, the pompous showoff
Alcoholic father, self-made daughter
Runaway bride, the indolent husband
Our moral lessons were home-made
Served with a garnish of caution

Will these rusted frames of the past
Suit the textured walls of my living room
Where life moves by the tick tock
Of a clock that seems to be 
Mocking my nostalgia

Sigh! Even the television soaps
Don’t remember that time anymore
Boundaries are taller now
Stories no longer crossover
And humanity dwells 
In a virtual realm

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