A Wish Come True

A Wish Come True

“Wish I could break free from these shackles and rush out!” sighed Locutio“Soulfree, yet I cannot fly off at will. For, my master is acting like a bête noire these days. All my pleas fell into deaf ears. I and the other lexicons are now caged inside her bod. Wonder why she’s so sceptical these days!” 

“Why are you so desperate, anyway?” asked Émouvoir. “Rather, take this opportunity to nurture yourself.”

“Well, I’m not seeking freedom for just myself. It’ll help you too,” retorted Locutio. “For, you and I complement each other the best. The world can feel you through me. They know you exist ‘cause when I emerge, I often transmit you. Remember the times when you cloaked me with your magic potion? And how the world loved our match! Hais, I miss those good old days.”


Locutio woke up, feeling suffocated. He looked around. The other lexicons were in deep slumber. This situation is stressing me out. When will I be set free? When will I see light again? 

It was all going fine. Until one fine day, his master, Aanya, started to act despotically. She was a human in flesh and blood, who got manipulated by Émouvoir. She was trapped inside the whirlwind of emotional turmoil. Aanya wasn’t cruel or bossy, but the change in her behaviour became a matter of concern to the lexicons. And now, Locutio had to bear the brunt for no mistake of his.

 “I wish I could gush out ‘cause that would give some relief to Aanya.” Locutio sounded concerned. “She has been storing us for a while now. I feel cramped in here ‘cause our numbers have multiplied. Moreover, I can help Aanya shed some load off her mind. Once I break free of this confinement, I can let the world hear and understand her thoughts. They can behold my beauty; appreciate my presence.”

 “Sadly, my hustle hurt your master; which is quite the opposite,” Émouvoir confessed. “My force is bound to compel her to release you. Yet, I know not why she’s behaving otherwise.” 

 Locutio heaved a sigh. “If only I could pre-align my tribe as per Aanya’s wish. It would’ve made her work easy. But some lexicons are simply rigid and refuses to take my order. The other day, Aanya got upset with their unruly attitude. And all of us got ousted ’cause she failed to discipline a few misfits. And here I lay, wishing to take flight; to convey her feelings and flaunt my charisma.”

Émouvoir went into deep thought. Poor Locutio. I must arouse the writer’s vibes in his master before he goes into depression. I need to act now; for I can’t let his tribe rust and perish in there. Neither do I wish to see Aanya suffer in silence. I’m sure she’s eager to let the lexicons out; to pen her thoughts.


As Aanya picked her pen, after a good few months, Locutio exclaimed in joy, “Amigos! Time to rock and roll.”  

Locutio – a word or phrase. Latin locutio (from loqui ‘speak’)
Émouvoir-The word “emotion” was adapted from the French word émouvoir.
bête noire – French, literally means ‘black beast’
Lexicons- the vocabulary of a person.


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