A World Without Screens

Achla Nagar posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-57 on 2023-11-07

In a world where televisions, tablets, and telephones had never been invented, children lived in a different kind of wonderland. They explored the world with wide eyes and hearts full of curiosity, for the only screens they had were the windows to the great outdoors. In a quaint village nestled between rolling hills and a glistening river, a young boy named Rahul was a living testament to the beauty of this world. His days were filled with adventures that needed no screens to come to life. Every morning, he raced to the fields, chasing butterflies and playing with the soft, warm earth beneath his bare feet. Rahul's imagination was his greatest treasure. With a stick, he transformed the dirt into a treasure map, marking an 'X' where he believed a hidden chest of jewels should be. He'd dig and dig, finding nothing but earthworms and giggles, yet his heart was rich with excitement. The village had no telephones, but it had something even more precious—a tight-knit community. Afternoons were spent in the company of friends. They climbed trees, built forts, and whispered secrets to the rustling leaves. Laughter echoed through the village square as children played games that needed no screens to enchant. Rahul's favorite time was the storytelling hour with his grandfather. The elderly storyteller's tales came to life in the minds of children, transporting them to enchanted lands where dragons soared and fairies sprinkle magic dust. His stories were like the best books and movies combined, all shared in a cozy circle under the golden sun. Nights in the village were star-studded affairs. Children lay on the grass, their eyes tracing constellations while sharing dreams of becoming astronauts and exploring the cosmos. There was no need for television. The universe was their theater, and they watched it unfold in awe. As the seasons changed, winter brought snowball fights and sledding down the village's gentle slopes, while springtime was a symphony of colorful flowers and picnics by the river. Summer days were a blend of swimming and fishing, and autumn heralded treasure hunts amid fallen leaves. Rahul's family had no television, but they had a treasure trove of board games, puzzles, and books that took them on journeys to far-off lands. His parents nurtured his love for reading. In this world without screens,  Rahul   grew up as a child who was never bored. He reveled in the simple joys of life, discovering that there was a vibrant world beyond the confines of screens. His childhood was a testament to the magic of imagination, the power of friendship, and the beauty of nature. Years later, as an adult, Rahul  still cherished the memories of those screen-free days. He watched his own children run into the fields, chasing butterflies and building forts. He knew that even in a world filled with screens, the child in all of us could still transact with the world around us, provided we remembered the wonders that existed beyond the glow of technology. [addthis tool=addthis_horizontal_folow_toolbox]   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!