Abortion – Not a Decent Burial

Abortion – Not a Decent Burial

My small naked self
Was no more,
Its existence sadly over.
I was not allowed to develop,
Or to shower all those around
With smiles and love…
But what do they know of love,
The heartless and callous lot;
How could they comprehend
My sadness and plight?
I was unable to carve a niche
In their hard hearts-
Hearts which were made of lead
Where there was no feeling.
They destroyed and discarded me
And carried on smilingly as before,
As if I had never been there,
As if nothing had occurred;
Pretending it was just the same.
I had believed that a mother
Was there only to shower
Affection, but I see
My mother devoid
Of love and caring.
Oh mother! How can I ever
Forgive you after this ordeal
Which pained me so.
Maybe some time in life
You will realize
That I could have meant
Something to you, that you
Could have loved me.
As an angel I flew to your
Nest, expecting to be nestled
And cuddled, to be
Nurtured in the
Warm womb for nine
Months  and more;
But sadly it was a dream
Never to come true!


Babita Kejriwal
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