After dating for a year, Advik and Saanvi decided to take their relationship ahead. But on D-day, Advik received a call from a mysterious person, and what he heard was unbelievable. 

Advik desired to speak with Saanvi. When he saw the priest busy preparing for the rituals, he took advantage of the moment.

“Saanvi, do you remember my cousin from Dubai?” Advik asked.

“Yes.” Saanvi replied.

“Well, your sister Kashvi’s dancing performance at the sangeet enthralled him, and he is fallen for her.” Advik expressed.

“Oh, sorry. She is in a relationship with someone else.” Saanvi replied.

“Is it? Who is the lucky one?” Advik inquired.

Clearing her throat, Saanvi whispered, “The one with whom she was dancing.”

“What? Have you lost it? We belong to a society where such relationships are neither legal nor acceptable. Why did you keep this fact hidden? Your sister will ruin my reputation.” Advik said in a low tone.

“Love has no gender and is a universal language. Can you explain how your reputation is at stake? You are so narrow-minded. If you do not have any respect for my family, you will never respect me either.” Saanvi expressed her anger.

“You and your parents cheated us.” Advik accused her. 

“Trust me, I recently learned about this, and my parents are unaware of it.” But that’s not important. What is significant is accept the person the way they are and respect their choice.” Saanvi exclaimed and harboured a deep resentment.

“Now, don’t give me this shit. If this is your thought process, I am sure you are abnormal like your sister.” Advik raised his voice.

Upon hearing this, she became furious, and her piercing shriek drew the attention of the guests standing there.

“What happened Saanvi?” Her parents intervened

“Mom, I am calling off this marriage. I don’t intend to begin my new chapter of life where there is a lack of trust.” Saanvi replied.

“What’s happening here?” Advik, say something.” Saanvi’s mother asked, confused.

“Aunty, Kashvi is a lesbian, and when I raised my doubts about Saanvi being a Lesbian, she started talking shit,” Advik answered, flushed with anger.

“Lesbian? Are you crazy Advik?” Her dad yelled.

“Dad, he is right. Kashvi is a lesbian. The LGBTQ community has organised a pride parade, and Kashvi is heading it. If you are willing to show your support, join the procession.” Saanvi muttered and left the venue.  

Ira and Kashvi looked gorgeous in their yellow floral outfit. The scarlet earrings hanging from their ears added to their attractiveness. They had their hair tied up into a ponytail with a ribbon having a kaleidoscope of colours. Their love flowed like poetry, and they swayed in pride as their hands interwove inextricably.

The throng sang and danced in joy, making the street shine like a field of vibrant spring flowers.

Saanvi chose Kashvi’s happiness over her marriage. She also convinced her parents, who later agreed to support their daughter and the LGBTQ community. 
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