“Such a good soul, he was taken away a bit too soon!”, his colleagues condemned.

Under countless wreaths of flowers,  staggering a few hopes, even elating a few intrusive souls , desolating loved ones, there he lay in the coffin; calm , with his idiosyncratic subtle smile.

Autumn had just arrived, and here it was going to stay for a while.

He strided over the foliage- with hues of brown, orange,red,yellow and purple.

“Why do people change colours like fall?”, he pondered

He wondered whether the screeching sound of his footsteps was still hearkened by all.

The cool breeze caressed his rosy cheeks, as if ushering him a frigid yet warm welcome.

For , he was a newbie ghost just departed from his quiescent body that lay peacefully in the casket.

Yes, it was his funeral.

He was an unsolicited guest in his funeral and perhaps in their lives as well, observing them from a distance.

Yesterday, his colleagues had outcast him from their tribe, for not achieving the minimal sales target for the month and, today they lionized his life, his existence.

Death is strange in a way, it assails stealthily when you least expect, gobbles you into its world, unveiling -the facts,the questions, the secrets,even people, more importantly the naked truth.

Even the kins who repudiated him for his unstable financial repute today, praised him out of the blue.

“Strange, isn’t it?”,he chuckled at the queer turn of events.

A heart attack last night turned the fate of his life.

For he was a newbie ghost trying to figure out his fate , his new powers, his perils.

“What’s my purpose now?”

“Is it to apprehend the learnings of my previous life?”

His thoughts befuddled, his life seemed to be unhinged.

“ Am I a newbie now or was I an unimpeachable, upright ,taken-for-granted newbie all my life?”

He reflected for a moment.

He did never experience the warmth, unsullied love or perhaps, even a few kind words apart from his parents and Suzzie , the love of his life.

A repulsive feud amongst his brothers for inheritance had smeared their relationship forever.

And, today they did shed a few tears on his loss. But he was doubtful of their intentions.

Blood is thicker than water, really?

There were many souls waiting on the other side- perhaps, each of them had an untold story to be said, countless tears to be shed, unfinished dreams!

They all glance at me from a distance.

For now I belonged to their clan, still figuring out my new identity as a ghost or just a departed soul.

Finally, that final moment had come- the holy water sprinked all over my coffin, hymns and prayers enwreathes the air.

Suzzie, my love had put a tough face on, for she was impassive but her eyes said it all.

Death is indeed a great revelation, a healer or perhaps a doorway to my inner light.”
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