Adventure with Doraemon and Me

Adventure with Doraemon and Me

It was a Sunday. I was doing my homework very fast so I could finish and play. I heard a bang. I started to check. I started to investigate and closed the windows so I could hear sharply. And the sound repeated. It was coming from the table where I was sitting! I heard it once more and once more, getting louder and louder. I thought there were rats inside my table. I was about to call my Ma when the drawer opened by itself. I saw something blue coming out. It was DORAEMON! At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I was staring at Doraemon, he was staring at me. We were both staring at each other for seconds. I was still in shock because I thought he was not real. I was about to ask him why he was at my house, my room, inside my table. But he started to talk before me.

“Hi, I am Doraemon! I am here to have an adventure with you.”, said Doraemon.

“Hi… I am Shreya.”, I said a bit nervously because who knew a robot cat would come outside of my table and introduce itself. “An adventure, you said? I am sorry I have to do my homework.”

“Oh. Just take a small break. Don’t worry. You wake up early, unlike Nobita. You will be able to complete it. We will be traveling to space.,’’ said Doraemon smiling. 

“How did you choose me? I mean there are so many people in the world. And why not Nobita? I asked.

“Nobita has challenged himself that he can live a whole day without me or my gadgets, so I came here. I wanted to meet someone new and have an adventure. I found you, using this device.”, he said, taking something from his pocket.

“CHOOSE A PARTNER AND HAVE AN ADVENTURE”, said Doraemon cheerfully. 

That device looked like a small tv, had two antennas on the middle and had a keyboard attached to it. The screen had a picture of the earth.

Doraemon said, “This meter shows whether you are fit to travel with me, and using the computer I find people who are perfect for this adventure. And the computer chose—“

“Me”, I interrupted.

“Now, Let’s start our journey to the space”, Doraemon said. 

Doraemon and I went to the terrace sneaking because we didn’t want anyone else to know that Doraemon is real (hehe).

Doraemon took something small from his 4D pocket.

He took the “Large Light” and flashed the light on the small modal of a spaceship, it grew large as a spaceship. 

Doraemon and I climbed into it. I was excited and at the same time, I was nervous. The spaceship started. We reached the atmosphere of the earth in just 5 minutes.

“I have already visited the space many times,” said Doraemon.

“You have seen this already? Why did you want to have an adventure here?” I asked.

“For me, I can go anywhere I want in the world but you only get a chance once in a lifetime…Unless you become an astronaut.”, said Doraemon sheepishly. I laughed. He took a bag and opened it, there were DoraCakes inside them. Doraemon gave me some. He took a bite from his DoraCake and said, “Look there. That is Capella, Rigel, Hadar, and Pollux, some of the brightest stars in the world.”, said Doraemon.

“WOW! You know a lot about space, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he said smiling.

We were having a great time watching the stars, we spoke a lot about each other’s lives and how things were going.

“Nobita uses my gadgets and gets into problems always. People nowadays are addicted to gadgets. some even take advantage of them and use them for bad purposes. Everything has advantages and disadvantages.”, said Doraemon.

“Buzzz.” I heard some buzzing noise. 

Doraemon shrieked,”OH NO. ITS NOBITA. HE NEEDS MY HELP!!!

We went back to earth and landed on my terrace. Doraemon took “THE ANYWHERE DOOR” and opened it where Nobita was there crying. He was stuck high on a tree like a kitten that knew how to climb up and not down(hahaha).

Doraemon said, “Goodbye” with a shine on his eyes. I said, “Goodbye I hope to see you again. He changed the spaceship’s size and put it in his pocket.

It was a wonderful adventure for me with Doraemon traveling to space and the price was I had to do my homework in the morning(heHehe).


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