Ageing Gracefully

Ageing Gracefully

Age is nothing but a simple number,
Brought into force by none other than us.
Caring thoroughly for physique and fitness,
Does make one feel agile and young.
Eat food nutritious on time with a smile,
Fretting has never proved good to the health.
Grin as much as you can and often;
Help others to tide over their woes.
Inside a self cocoon, you feel breathless,
Joke, and laugh out your heart frequently.
Knock down the door of your clustered mind,
Learn to sprinkle on earth the essence of joy,
Many, having done thus, nourish a youthful heart.
Nothing can stop you from bubbling with glee;
Only you can decide to opt amongst the two;
Pain is what you wish for or is it pleasure?
Quickly make up your mind before the time wanes.
Roam around freely under the vast sky,
Stir up joy where ever your feet take you to,
Trust me, my friend, you shall never repent.
Uplift the sinking heart of kith or kin,
Vow not to hurt knowingly others’ feelings.
Watch with wonderment as you grow younger.
Xylophone or guitar, whatever you play,
Your heart will pump with vigor, I vouch;
Zigzag life path then evens up in the young mind.
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One thought on “Ageing Gracefully

  1. This is a beautiful message for everyone to age gracefully through the years. The elements and simple truths make it absolutely impactful.

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