Ah! Yellow

Ah! Yellow

That sunshine hue with a radiant warm glow
The ombre ensemble in my wedding trousseau
The dainty silk with embroidered marshmallow
Complemented by exquisite golden fringe below

That compliment still rings, of a dear fellow
For that gift on first job from mother mellow
A delicate chiffon, two toned, sort of lemon
‘Oh, someone is looking so pretty in yellow’

That sateen ochre outfit for pre wedding function
Memories still fresh of yellow themed occasion
A huge round amber bindi adorning my forehead
Inviting stealthy glances, even causing heartburn

That sheer frilly frock, a mustard band for head
Breathtaking sunflowers on cream base spread
Mom’s intricate thread work for a birthday bash
Fond memories of ‘Ah! Yellow’ will forever tread
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