All in a Day

All in a Day

Docile, placid
Innocent red orb Sun
Accost world, with infantile smile
Snugs lazily on bed, somnolent star
Whispering zephyr, cajoles on
Coaxing sleepy One to
arouse and shine.

Advance in age
young Sun heats up, matures
Blurring dull, the forces around
Shining ablaze on the afternoon sky
Burn all, with his ego alight
Dare none, see him in eye
Succumb in fright.

Ages gray, old
Hazy, cool wrinkled ball
Smiling again the toothless grin
submit, compliant to forces around
Peach ball of fuzz, overthrown by
Darkening sky, engulf,
Eating it whole.

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