All We Dare to Say

All We Dare to Say

As I open my eye, the wall wants to talk
But the colors at each other’s back prevent
Breeze then walks through the thin line of window pane
And it prefers to sing rather say ‘Good Morning’
What a welcome for me at the start of the day
It’s the wooden door brings me to sense
And I wonder being so lucky among so many homeless

My bones, my blood, all is so talkative
And they never care the body, but
Without him they’re in no way to stay
It’s an irony that the whole part is so generous
That it never talks but performs only

People have issues, always to be dissatisfied
But the grass, the earth, to whom they protest
Nobody cares for their pain, their feelings
And their words remain only a silent drama

As I pause midday to hear the talk of the speechless
I can feel their words at my bare chest
It’s the slogans of all the deprived species
Oh the monsters please let loose something for us


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