Alluring Spring

Winter moves its inert, torpid weight,
Spring dryads flutter after long wait.
Wind’s whippets wilt to trivial whine,
Relish mellow spring with crimson wine.

Gloomy rain hisses to subtle bawl,
Tiny buds swell, revel a green ball.
Cyclic Cascades and the smell of fir,
Melodic swaying comforts like fur.

Dainty petals, spry and fancy flair, 
Dancing in the warm, bright solar flare.
Artistry strewn from doddery chest,
Pulsating poise crept o’er heaven’s chest.

Birds, brooks in-tone, lucent crocus sighs,
Bees aflight, upsurging harvest’s size.
Sublime spring exhibits serene sight,
Soft warbled song form a dulcet site.
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Preeti Choudhary

Preeti Choudhary is a homemaker and mother of a teenage son. Her respiration is to tootle along with a calmer life with a positive mindset. Her strong belief is that the words recited in the form of poems are just a natural expression of how we relate to nature, surroundings and life and can’t be induced.
Preeti Choudhary

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