Altered Traits

Altered Traits

Heorte was quite perturbed. “You misused your power and annulled my efforts, inaptly. It’s not fair.” 

“Stop playing the blame game. It’s not my fault. I simply processed his will.” justified Noggin.

“What an excuse! Is it not your task to do a logical analysis before transmitting the data?” Heorte could feel the rush of cortisol within. 

“Of course, it is. And I do so too. Shed your misconceptions. And c’mon. Enough now. It’s done and can’t be altered. Fine… I’ll make him deny his crime. Happy?” Noggin concluded the argument with a plan for damage control. 

“Escapist! That’s what you are. You can’t admit that your laxity made the host commit a murder. Two lives shattered ‘cause of your sloppiness.” Heorte was pounding like a blacksmith’s hammer. “I wonder who placed you at the crest! First, you processed the data sans logic. Now you want to transmit another set of information without proper analysis. I could’ve stopped him, but you barged in and overpowered me just to prove your superiority.”  

Ever since their father Mr W. Harvey, brought them to light, Heorte and Noggin have been fighting like siblings. While one was fierce and controlling, the other was calm and empathetic. They were arguing over a murder committed by their host bod. Heorte believed that it could’ve been prevented if only Noggin acted more sensibly. 

“You scumbag! How dare you put drugs inside my bag? We’ve been friends since junior school. Cripes! Can’t believe you framed me.”

“Hey, chill! I had no choice, ok. I was scared. I thought they won’t search your bag ‘cause your dad is a cop. Ok, look, I’m sorry, buddy. You are free now. So let’s just forget about it, ok?”

“What do you want me to forget? That I got ousted from college. That my career, my future is ruined. My dad couldn’t bear the shame and resigned from his services. I served a jail term for no fault of mine.”

The two friends got into a heated argument. In a fit of rage, the sufferer stabbed his friend to death.

“You seem different. Hope your meninges aren’t fogged up!” murmured Heorte. Lately, Noggin has been inactive as if smitten by comatose. 

“No, they’re fine. I’m affected by the host’s grim situation. It distressed my lobes. I know not how to fix things right. Guilt has taken over. That day, there was a miscommunication along all our conduits. It turned fatal. I shouldn’t have transmitted those impulses in a rush,” regretted Noggin. 

“That’s quite unlike of you. The neurotransmitters altered their composition or what?” Heorte transmitted a few harmonious rhythms to express delight.

“Well, we cannot alter his situation, but we can generate loads of positive thoughts. I sought help from the prefrontal cortex. They agreed to support us. Let’s transmit hope and faith. Let’s make him believe that there’s light beyond that dark, dingy room,” suggested Noggin.

Heorte pulsated like the hummingbird’s wings. “That’d be great! Let’s get started, then.” 

Heorte- Heart
Noggin- head
Meninges- membranes that enclose the brain and spinal cord.
Bod- Body
Neurotransmitters – brain chemicals.
Conduit- a channel through which neural signals are transmitted to and from the central nervous system.
Prefrontal Cortex – the brain region that carries out the ‘executive functions.’
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