An Amazing Adventure In Which: Pooh and Piglet Go Hiking

An Amazing Adventure In Which: Pooh and Piglet Go Hiking

One day Winnie-the-Pooh and his good friend Piglet were sitting together when Piglet said, “Why don’t we go hiking?”

“Where shall we go?” asked Pooh.

“How about Skyhigh Mountain? The whole world is visible from the top.”

“We shall go tomorrow then!” said Pooh. Though Pooh did not like hiking, he was happy to go anywhere with Piglet.

Next morning the two friends were on their way. Piglet walked with short but swift steps admiring the flowers on the road. Pooh lumbered along heavily, humming a song:

You say all you need is money
I say all I need is honey.
Where just golden liquid you see
I spy the masterpiece of a bee!

Time passed by quickly. It was already the hour for lunch. The friends suddenly remembered they had forgotten to pack their food. Pooh was sad and dejected but Piglet gathered acorns from the forest and the friends rejoiced together eating the nuts. Pooh ate much faster than Piglet and soon the acorns were over with Pooh eating most of them. Piglet did not mind because Pooh was his best friend.

Pooh had stuffed himself fully and could no longer walk. The rest of the day was spent with Pooh sleeping and Piglet left alone by himself.

The following morning Pooh struggled to keep up with Piglet as they climbed Skyhigh Mountain. By and by, a mist engulfed them. Soon Piglet was walking alone. Pooh was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh dear!” said Piglet. “Pooh! Where are you? Winnie-the-Pooh!”

Nobody answered, only the echo resounded “Oooooh!”

Piglet decided to go back and find his friend. But even though he came all the way down, he could not find Pooh. Piglet was getting very worried when the mist lifted. A bright sun shone in the sky.

And there appeared Pooh, rolling down the mountain speedily like a ball out of control. It seemed there was no way Pooh could stop himself and was going to crash.

Quickly Piglet thought of a plan to save his friend but he could not do it alone. He went to the nearest flower and begged the bees to help.

“Though he steals our honey, we will help him. For it is the very nature of a bee to serve.”

So the bees gathered all the honey they had and poured it to make a sticky pool on the path of Pooh. And when Pooh rolled over it, he was stuck and thus saved from certain disaster.

The bees were happy, Piglet was happier but the happiest was Pooh.

Sitting in the pool of honey, Pooh smiled at the bees and smacked his lips. To Piglet, he held out his hand of friendship. In it was the seed of the rarest flower in the world, Flora amicitia, found only on the top of Skyhigh Mountain.

Pooh had climbed the peak, in spite of his struggle, just so that he could gift Piglet, who loved flowers, the rarest of all seeds for his garden.


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