An Angel Who Taught Me Love

An Angel Who Taught Me Love

Never knew what love is
He was in his own world
Enjoying life with friends
Life was 2 dimensional
With family, friends Which
 he never realized

He never felt what is 
The true magic of love 
He thought it was just an
Illusion, a ray of 
False hope that diminishes
In a blink of an eye

But I didn’t know what
Was waiting for me in
The path of life, A ray 
Of shine touched my lone soul
When I saw her first time
I felt my heart beating

Her brown eyes spelt magic
When sunshine reflected
From them directly touched
My heart and the flowers
Of love started to bloom
And blossoming every day

She came into my life
Filled it with happiness
With her around, I felt 
A sense of completeness
Without her my eyes doomed
In sadness and felt lost

I got to know what is
The true meaning of love
An unconditional
Selfless, emotion which
Bounds two soul like you-me
Where you and me became us
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