An Arranged Marriage

As the grey sky was still 
scaffolding on the loose 
seams of our flavoured night’s
penumbra, a latent
sun brewed with a purple
Promise of my morn dream.

Insolvent rainbows leave
a trail each day, plaited
behind my ears as a
hint of your gaze sprout, with
the yellow rain lilies,
clothing my amber noon.

wicked hours simmer on 
the low flame, reduced to
a pulpy sweetmeat, I 
roll it in my greasy
amorous palms, and with
a sigh, embroider it!

As the sun christens, the
deficient ocean, my
unruly hair refuse
the fetters, chasing the
breeze away with lilies
and it’s incensed nectar.

later, tinkering dusk
coil around my ankle,
Sinatra’s on the loop. 
And wispy violins 
play as you bring silver
stars over the table.

With, a vermilion moon 
tucked in my hair as a
hyperbole twilight,
the night over the high
tide shall cradle the warm
breath between our pert lips!
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Deepti Sharma

She is a dreamer and her undoing is, she sees the dawn before the rest of the world. Yes, she loves Oscar Wilde. A management graduate and a former entrepreneur, who has finally got her calling in writing, which has been her passion since school. Rekindled it 5 years ago when she started writing her blog. Later wrote poetry and mini fiction for many e journals and online magazines. Have won many poetry and fiction writing contests too. Recently her poem has been published in an anthology 'Emotionally yours'. She is a mother of three who resides in Punjab.
Deepti Sharma

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