An Artist’s Mind

An Artist’s Mind

A sneak peak in an artist’s life
Beaming with smile always
Challenges, he hides from all
Ducking it, he moves ahead
Eager to live a life of dreams
Forgets his pains as he works
Gambling with luck, he tries
Hardly the lady luck smiles 
Inspiration for many, he does not cry
Just for others, he keeps a smile
Knowing the world recognizes him.
Life is not a bed of roses for him
Moving ahead, he gets thrown back
Never does he lets negativity hit
Opportunities are rare for an art
Practice is his biggest weapon 
Quality of work his asset
Recognition his biggest wish
Solitude is the way he prefers
To the likes of many, he performs
Unique is his thought process
Vibrant are his actions
Well-being of all, his motto
X-factor makes him favourite
Years of experience brings calmness
Zing in his walk reflects his pride
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