An Awakening

An Awakening

I sit at my window
The rain falls so gently,
The setting sun, mellowed
Your thoughts come quietly.
A petrichor you were
To my love for the rain.

Oh, like the petrichor
after the summer rains
In which I had danced 
To this heart-song so vain.
I thought I had loved you
And thought you loved me too.

I loved you foolishly
For I was a child then,
For if I could see the
Reckless hearts of all men?
Would have learned this gem;
Chosen wise in the end.

With age comes great wisdom
And now it all makes sense,
I almost laugh as I
See it through life’ s lens.
Something lost, something gained
Heartbroken, Pride regained.

Wading through this life I
Find something to grab on,
Having lost myself once
I won’t still my life pawn.
You see, now I love me
More than you could baby.

I found a friend in me
I found a bruised warrior,
A self-discovery. 
I go on journeys strange,
Without you, for a change.
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