An Incident That Flipped His Life

An Incident That Flipped His Life

“Roy, come and have your breakfast. It is already getting cold ,Roy’s mother Sita called him.

“Ma I want to know more about dad, the side of him that I am unaware of ” Roy was again inquisitive.

“Every coin has two sides Roy and it is better if you know only the good one.”

 “Your breakfast is getting cold”, Sita said and left with a helplessness in her eyes.

The next morning was usual. There was absolutely no communication between mother son duo and bidding a mandate goodbye to her mother, Roy left for college.

As Roy got back from college, Sita was shuddered to see the fury in his eyes.

“Was papa a traitor? But you always said he was a special agent who worked in a special force for country’s defence. Then why they said that he betrayed his own forces and met his end rightfully.”  Roy was bombarding his mother with questions and it only made Sita choke. 

“Traitor is very short of a word given to him. He was way more than that and it all started fifteen years ago when I just entered in my youth.”

Dressing his wound, Sita started

I lived in a small village in Kashmir.Everyone in the village was strongly connected to each other. That was only till your father and his men came there as our protectors. Intense eyes, heavy build, dusky complexion, your dad Ravi was immediately popular among girls but none of us dared to go near him for he was always armed and was always straight faced. He never interacted with anyone much like all of his other members. Still I felt certain kind of magnetism towards his personality and would always try to seek attention from him.

Sita stopped and noticed that Roy is now calming down. She continued

 That day came soon when we bumped into each other in alley and that was when suddenly the bombardment and firing started. Ravi took me to his bunker till the firing went down. From that moment on, we met regularly but secretly and this went on for months when one day he suddenly disappeared and all I could do was wait.

One fine day I discovered that I missed my date and pregnancy test kits were out of question and I couldn’t go to doctor since I can’t reveal my pregnancy. There was no one I could confide in. The young girl inside me was alone and scared anticipating the worse but still I waited for Ravi without sharing my agony with anyone. Days turned into months and now I dreaded the worst. I had to run away as I can’t let anyone know of my pregnancy. I strode out of my house in the dark oblivious that this would turn out be the darkest night of my life. I came at a distant place by the time sun showed its rays. Exhausted, cold and hungry, I sat down near unknown alley and what I saw shocked me. 

There he was! With a totally different temperament. Mixed emotions started oozing out of my eyes as tears and as I was about to approach him, I was in for another blow. I saw Ravi busy instructing someone to take the boxes carefully to certain destination that turned out to be my village. He caught my eyes and was equally surprised to see me and my pregnant belly. What stupefied me more was how ruthlessly he ordered his henchmen to kill both of us. 

I again caught pace and run without vision as fast as I could. I didn’t know when I stopped or how I became insentient. All I knew was I opened my eyes in hospital and a news flashing on television that there wasn’t a trace left of my village in a bomb blast.

Post that, Ravi located me and threatened me to stay mum else the cost will be your life. For years he led his life as good husband and good father and only I was the one who knew how ruthless of a beast he was.

Sita’s face was covered with tears. And there was paining silence in the house.

Five Years Later

There were again tears in Sita’s eyes but this time tears of happiness. Roy has actually flipped his destiny. Now he proudly serves the Indian Army and has completely washed the stigma that has traumatised him and his mother for years.
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