An Ode to Identity

An Ode to Identity

Oh, how the winds of fate did gently blow,
Unveiling mysteries, a truth to know.
Within the heart of a restless soul,
A journey commenced to find a role.

A character, once lost in shadows deep,
Awakened by whispers, secrets to keep.
Their gender identity, a sacred flame,
Ignited, burning with an unknown name.

The mirrors reflected newfound grace,
As they met their own gaze, face to face.
A gentle smile, acceptance taking hold,
A love for self, more precious than gold.

Emotions danced, a symphony untold,
In melodies, both ancient and bold.
A kaleidoscope of hues, a vibrant sea,
A gender spectrum, where they were meant to be.

Ode to the character, brave and true,
Unveiling their essence, breaking through.
May their story inspire hearts to soar,
To seek the truth, unlock each hidden door.


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