An Ode to my Sakha

An Ode to my Sakha

As dark as the monsoon clouds, you and I!
Is that why we share a bond so pure,
Like a mother’s tender love? 
Oh Krishna! To catch a fleeting glimpse of you,
Your humble namesake yearns!
Why does a mere mention of your name
Send me into euphoric raptures?
I love you, Oh Gopal! Sans guilt, sans rue!
This woeful society asks,
Why do I pine for a man not my spouse?
Where were the custodians of morality,
When I was disrobed in a manner ignominious?
But all is forgotten,
When I see your beatific smile!
It’s then I realise I have always loved you,
Freed from the shackles of carnal fetters!
For we share a bond so pure,
Like a mother’s tender love!
Oh Ghanshyam! To be bound in eternal friendship,
Your headstrong Yagnaseni yearns!
Sakha – Friend in Hindi
Gopal & Ghanshyam – Different names for Lord Krishna
Yagnaseni – She who is born from the fire. Another name for Draupadi
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