An Ode to Penmancy

An Ode to Penmancy

I happened to find you by chance,
That moment, signed up sans a glance.
The treat in store was aplenty;
I found a trove, never empty.
You’re awesome, Penmancy!

I write away verses in rhyme,
Striving for a poetic chime.
I Harness thoughts to pen stories;
Creativity carves glories.
You inspire, Penmancy!

The word-count, ever a puzzle,
Tones and shapes the writing muscle.
With prompts galore, Taleathlon rocks,
Stifling infamous writer’s blocks.
You’re the best, Penmancy!

Baby steps in writing journey,
Bolstering confidence in me,
Enables feature in your book.
As uniVERSES overlook,
I thank you, Penmancy!
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