An Ode to Penmancy

An Ode to Penmancy

Penmancy- It has a lot to offer,
The prompts given are refreshing and new,
A group where all writers can get better,
And our inked dreams can possibly come true.

Phew! The contests sure are far from easy,
Penmancy- It has a lot to offer,
The syllables, themes, make us go crazy,
But the drills make us climb up the ladder.

‘Write, Read, Support’ – the motto to scale higher,
The tribe- our fallback for all the questions,
Penmancy- It has a lot to offer,
Where skills do improve with frank suggestions.

The comments, reviews, help us all along,
The poor elves at work – they strive together,
They always guide us, showing right from wrong,
Penmancy- It has a lot to offer.
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