An Organic Mess

An Organic Mess

Organic chemistry is my worst nightmare,
The thousands of equations give me a scare.
The reaction proceeds at a defined pressure,
With a catalyst, at the right temperature,
Giving a triangular product from a square.

Optical isomers exist as a pair,
Fischer, Newman- these scientists are unfair,
Each compound has a complicated structure,
Organic chemistry, not simple, I declare.

This subject keeps growing, I’m painfully aware;
The same formula, two compounds can share,
But have a different nomenclature,
(Why is all this even present in nature?)
All this is stored in my brain somewhere,
Organic chemistry marks- should I even care?
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One thought on “An Organic Mess

  1. Ah! live the word play here. It is clear the poet hates organic chemistry like the plague. Enjoyed this short and sweet poem.

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