An Orison to The Divine

An Orison to The Divine

Above the realms of the floating Skyline,
Below the Cosmic dome of sparkling creations,
Crafted in the encasing Grace of Divine Love,
Devoid of worries, pains, sorrows and stress,
Empathetic to the greater needs of mankind,
Forgiving, caring and ever so merciful,
Governing deeds and ways of every origin,
Hope spreading ceaselessly to reach out to life,
Increasing the value of virtues and goodness,
Joyful about progress made to humanity,
Kindling deepest emotions of love and peace,
Longing for the tranquil bliss of Your Divine care,
Merging with You in thoughts and deeds,
Narrowly escaping the face of evil,
Offering an orison for a better life,
Praying to seek clarity on Mystical ways,
Quenching the thirst towards wisdom and upliftment,
Radiating in Glory of Your Divine form,
Surpassing expectations of our own efforts,
Traversing the path of truth and justice,
Uniting Wisdom to sustain and balance,
Victorious praises sung for blessings galore,
Wisdom arising from the roots of Your teachings,
Xenagogue of our lives through altered states,
Yearning for the ultimate merge with You,
Zenith of my humility towards You… 
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One thought on “An Orison to The Divine

  1. Lakshmi, wonderful words penned with altmost mindfulness that takes us to the lotus feet of divine power!!!!

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