An Overdue Crusade!

An Overdue Crusade!

Within the folds of her
Creased, eroded forehead
Lies a strong character 
That refuses to bend
When her chances were clipped
By the misogynists

Beneath her gloomy eyes
Lies the genesis of 
Great power and force to 
Tame the roaring tempest
Fighting the old stigma
Ever, to carve her niche

In between her curled lips
She controls her sharp words
Who asks her sanctity?
Don’t infer her silence 
As acceptance, if urged
She can ruin your life

Now she is not ashamed
Of her ashen pallor 
She has embraced her flaws
To stave off the vile notes
Revolted and questioned
The value of colour

Amidst the eloquent 
Speech and hard-hitting lines
She led a firm crusade 
To empower women
Against the prejudiced
Evil society

There’s a paradigm shift
The way girls are treated
They praise the veiled beauty 
Of soul and her spirit
They value her deep thoughts
An object, she’s no more!
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