And I transformed into a fighter!

It stripped me bare
Baring it’s fangs and claws
Rendering me stationery
In doldrums of far dead-end backwaters
Robbing me of my calibre
Disillusioned, I lie
In mangled shape

I adopted
The offensive approach
Decimated the opponents
With the raw weapon of self-resilience
Stymied efforts of weakening
And transformed into a
Robust person

The painful rays
Follically broke me
But I mocked at the enemies
Charted out fountain of strategies to
Disconnect the mental ghettos
Fought with the virulent
Army, ever

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Amrita Lahiri

Amrita is a working woman as well as a mother to a toddler
She has a penchant for writing since she was a teenager

She squeezes in time between work and her kid
She joined the group as she loves to write and read

With a little encouragement and support
She wants to soar high in the privileged company of cohort
Amrita Lahiri

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