And They Looked Away!

And They Looked Away!

They averted their gaze, away from pleading eyes
His fragile frame carried load, colossal than his size
His hungry eyes frantically searched
His bite-sized belly so violently lurched
Everyone disregarded his silent cries!

His screams were drowned by the roaring skies
His desperate pleas were doubted as lies
Burden on his shoulder, remained unfairly perched
They averted their gaze!

His childhood had long ago broken ties
In tender age he had turned wise
Learnt to resign than to be birched
His innocence was besmirched
He sensed their contempt in disguise
They averted their gaze!
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One thought on “And They Looked Away!

  1. A strong poem and I liked the refrain…the rhythmic pattern helped upping the intensity quotient. Good poem, Vandana

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