Anna and I

Anna and I

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Munching chips, I sat down with my pen intending to write a poetry. The chips got over in no time, but words failed to rhyme.

Just then, a siren blared. Perplexed, I turned back. A portal appeared on the wall. A pretty blonde girl with almond eyes and two plaits came out. Her flowing blue frock and purple cape beheld my attention.

“Princess Anna!”

“Are you Shilpa?”

“Yes. Do you know me?” I was astounded.

“Not really. But I need your help. It’s urgent.”

“But how can I…”

Before I could finish the sentence, she pulled me into the portal.

“I’m sorry for the rush,” she said politely. “My sister, Elsa is missing. And our country, Arendelle is in grave danger.”

“But how can I help you?”

“The mystical wise old troll gave me your address. He said only you can save us.”

We reached Arendelle soon.

It was scorching hot. I felt suffocated. 

“Isn’t this place supposed to be frozen and cold?” I asked.

“Yes, the vile Prince Hans has imprisoned Elsa using magic and he is missing too,” Anna replied. “The temperature is soaring high every minute. If this persists, the snow caps and glaciers will melt and then the whole world will be drowned in a massive flood.”

I perspired faster than a melting ice cream. 

“Is there an AC here?” I looked all around.

“AC?” Anna was startled.

I forgot they lived in a different time zone.

“Ah, AC!” she jumped in sudden revelation. “You mean Arendelle Chamber. Come with me.”

Anna whistled. Two horses arrived.

“I… I don’t know how to ride,” I stuttered.

“Don’t worry, the horse knows.”

Was that a joke? 

I somehow sat on the poor horse, that almost lost its balance due to my heavy weight.

We reached the palace.

“AC is in the basement,” Anna said.

We darted downstairs. Elsa was imprisoned in a glass chamber.

“Elsa, I’m so happy to find you,” Anna rushed towards her. “Shilpa helped me.”

I smiled sheepishly. 

“That’s wonderful,” Elsa said in a dulcet tone. “Please release me from here. There’s a riddle that you have to solve. Only then will the door open.”

The riddle read so:

You’ve found Elsa, aren’t you a smart girl!
Now play on if you want the clue to unfurl.
I’m the one that create words, 
Beware! I’m mightier than the sharpest of swords. 

How do I solve this? The girls looked at me in anticipation. Anxiously, I chewed the tip of my pen. That’s what I did when nervous.

“Pen!” Anna jumped in joy. “That’s the clue you showed.”

The door opened. Elsa was finally released.

“You are a genius,” she hugged me.

Then, she got into action. She swirled her fingers and lo! The heat dissipated.

Just then, a cockroach sprinted towards me. A lion didn’t probably scare me as much as a cockroach did. I ran for my life. 

Can’t these girls keep their palace clean?

“Elsa, I guess Shilpa wants us to follow her,” Anna said.

That silly girl always saw clues even in my frivolous actions.

I tripped over a furniture and fell flat on my face. A loose wooden tile gave away and I had a free fall to God-knows-which-hell hole. But thankfully, I had a soft landing.


An ear-piercing cry deafened me.

“It’s Hans,” Elsa cried. “Shilpa caught the evil man.”

I admired his handsome face and blushed.

Wailing in pain, he snarled, “I thought a bull fell over me.”

Hmmphh! What an awful body odour!

Oh, he looked worse than Shrek, the ogre!

But I was proud of myself. My heavy weight had finally found its purpose. It had saved the world from perishing in perspiration. 

Hans was arrested.

“Who’s she?” It was the wise old troll. “I had asked you to get Shilpa Shetty, not Nair.”

“But your map took me to her house,” Anna said.

“Oh, blame it on my ageing brain.”

“Name, body or height, is it important, sire?
It’s skill that matters, be it a Shetty or Nair.”
I boasted blatantly.

“Indeed. Indeed,” he cleared his throat. “As a parting gift, tell me what can I give you?”

Without second thoughts, I said,
“Grant me a wish by any chant,
Or swirling the magic wand.
I wanna eat whatever I want
Without gaining even a pound.”

Everyone had a hearty laughter as he swirled his wand and transported me back to my home.


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