Another Day

Another Day

Another day has again passed,
Between tomorrow and yesterday,
Cribbing incessantly, I confine myself,
Demons haunting my mind and soul,
Eerie silence encircling me,
Fetch me some help, I demand,
Go green, comes the automated reply,
Hysteric it sounds, I dislike hence,
Imminent storms fail to propel me,
Jovial me once, now stands derelict,
Kiss me with promise, I urge,
Lamenting my fixation,
Meandering routes ingather dust,
Nix are my efforts, I surmise,
Or is it time for me to say adieu?
Pardon me, says my better half,
Queer are your thoughts and ways,
Resort to them for the thrill ride,
Senses revolt vehemently,
Titillating my dormant passions,
Ugly duckling, I now aim to be,
Vainglorious society I will fight,
Wait for my metamorphosis,
Xerus, I would be, hunting for food,
Yielding never for the sake of peace,
Zing, in my signature style, I will add.
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