The nights felt warmer than they are supposed to feel in the winters, it was a different kind of warmth, the one similar to what you perceive when the taste of hot chocolate touches the curve of your lips after a day in the embrace of snow. It was a foreign feeling for Lucas, who grew up in foster care, the sentiment may not have felt quite like a home but it felt too similar to one, so Lucas held on to it clinging tightly to both the boy that lay next to him as well as the smiles that came along with him.

Lucas and Elijah had been together for more than three years now, going happy and strong. Coming out in college was difficult for both of them but nevertheless they did.

“Rise and shine” sang Lucas, a breakfast tray and a steaming cup of coffee in hands, sunlight splayed from the curtains on the hotel tiles, where they had come to spend the weekend. “Good morning Luc” whispered Elijah, a soft smile gracing his lips. Clapping his hands excitedly Lucas ordered his significant other to get ready as he had the whole day planned.

After savoring the entire day, the couple went to an ornate restaurant which was specifically recommended by Elijah. Though the building seemed to be questionably empty Lucas did not probe into the matter. 

“Sit Luc” softly said Elijah, pulling back a chair for Lucas. The boy silently obeyed; anticipation and anxiety bubbling inside him at the sight of a single table in the lavish gold room covered with roses. “What did you do Eli?” questioned Lucas, surprised by his boyfriend’s amorous behavior. Elijah laughed loudly, “Why do you feel that I must have done something just because I’m being affectionate?” Before Lucas could answer a waiter came in to take their order. Once satiated with a moreish dinner, the pair went out for a stroll in the balcony, where Elijah seemed to have gotten rigid but continued to indulge in conversations. 

Abruptly all the light went out and the surroundings became indistinguishable. Just as fast, the sky filled with yellow lanterns and a heart shaped sign lit up. Lucas’s eyes brimmed with tears at the sight. Turning around to thank his beloved, he choked out a sob; the view of Elijah on his knees wrecked him in all possible ways.

“Lucas Benjamin Hudson, would you do me the honor of being my husband and making me the luckiest person alive?” breathed Elijah, tears dripping down his cheeks and a wide smile adorning his lips. An emerald ring sat proudly nuzzled between his fingers asking a question that had finally been voiced. “Yesyesyesyes” prattled Lucas, vigorously nodding his head. 

Both of them smiled widely, when Elijah nestled the wedding band in Lucas’s fingers, pulling him in an eternal embrace.

Till the sun shines and the moon endures,

Their souls should intertwine and their love shall remain pure.
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  1. Apricity… Loved this beautiful tale of friendship and love that moves across several unknown barriers and ends on a positive note. Expressed simply yet clearly by the author.

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