As You Turn Thirteen My Sweets

As you turn thirteen my sweets
Let me tell you how we feel
Life was merrily chugging along
There was just the two of us
We longed for a stork-ly visit.

As you turn thirteen my sweets
I can’t begin to describe the joy
Our prayers answered
Not one but two, angels in our life
Purest, precious gifts we ever received. 

As you turn thirteen my sweets
Emotions fill our hearts to the brim
This journey of ours, arduous and long 
Full of tears and heartwarming delights
Toddlers to teenagers, an awesome ride.

As you turn thirteen my sweets
Know this, your tiny, innocent self
Your seraphic face and angelic smile
Chased away our fears and tears
Filled us with unlimited bliss.

As you turn thirteen my sweets
My darling daughter to you I say
You are my pride, you are my joy
The very light of my life
You and I course in each other’s vein.

As you turn thirteen my sweets
My spirited son, I will tell you this
You are the very air I breathe
Every beat of my heart
Carved out of my very being.

As you turn thirteen my sweets
I say this yet again
You are my heart, you are my soul
Our ‘Hate you’ and ‘Love you’
Means the most.

As you turn thirteen my sweets
May you have a life that’s great
Not just success, but most of all
Love, contentment, gratitude, laughter
Friends, family and Faith.

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Shweta Singh is a home maker and mother of on-the-verge-of-being-teenager twins. She is passionate about books and food – both interests inherited from her father – and loves to write and travel at every opportunity. A closet writer, who after encouragement from friends and family has embarked on the journey of self-discovery.
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