At Crossroads

At Crossroads

“Rohan, I love you. I will talk to Dad about us. I know he will find it difficult to digest, but he will agree. After Mumma’s death, I have been his companion. I am his world. He cannot say no to me,” said Riddhima with confidence.

“I love you, too, Riddhima. After you talk to your dad, I will have a word with my parents. By the way, Raj Bhaiya(brother) and Rashmi Bhabhi know about our relationship. They have no qualms. They want to meet you. Rashmi Bhabhi is excited and is beaming with happiness like a small child who has got a new toy. She and bhaiyya(brother) keep pulling my legs,” replied Rohan with a smile on his face.

 “Aww,” said Riddhima pulling his cheeks

Riddhima and Rohan worked in the same company. Riddhima had initially joined as an intern but got placed because her boss was happy with her work.  

Their friendship had blossomed into love. The entire office gossiped about them, but they never shied away from displaying their love for each other. Rohan and Riddhima were the case of opposites attract.

 “Rohan, I am getting late. Dad must be waiting for me. He does not have dinner without me,” said Riddhima. 

She gave him a peck on his cheek and made a beeline to hail an auto. He bid her goodbye and promised to call her at night.

Riddhima was his anchor. His monochrome life had become colourful after her arrival. Little did he know that his life was going to change?

When Riddhima reached home, she saw her father waiting for her at the dinner table.

“Hey Dad, how has the day been?” she asked him while she put her bag on the sofa.

“Riddhima beta, I have something to tell. Please freshen up and come,” replied her father.

She could see worry etched on her father’s face. She immediately changed into her home clothes and joined him at the table.

“Dad, what is wrong? What are you hiding?” she probed him.

 “Riddhima, I have suffered huge losses in the business. A party has agreed to bail me out of the crisis, but he has a condition,” said her father misty-eyed.

“What is it, dad?” questioned Riddhima.

“Riddhima, do you know Akshay Singh?” asked her father.

Akshay was a ruthless business tycoon who owned the firm where she was working. She had heard from her colleagues that he always got what he wanted in life by hook or by crook. 

She suddenly remembered him eyeing her at the office party, but she had ignored him back then.

“Riddhima, Akshay will pull me out of this problem if you marry him. Beta, please help me,” pleaded her helpless father. 

Riddhima was at a complete loss of words. Her world had come crashing down.

After her mother’s death, for the first time in life, she was at crossroads. 

She had to choose between duty and love.

What should she do?


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