At the Pyre of Democracy

a wanton death.
Weary dissent muted.
A ripe nation bleeding amok,
let’s rise.

wallowing in quick sand.
A sleepwalk, a moral debris?
Let’s rise.

we must not tread,
Let the knots be undone
Let the light and love dance again.
Let’s rise.


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Deepti Sharma

She is a dreamer and her undoing is, she sees the dawn before the rest of the world. Yes, she loves Oscar Wilde. A management graduate and a former entrepreneur, who has finally got her calling in writing, which has been her passion since school. Rekindled it 5 years ago when she started writing her blog. Later wrote poetry and mini fiction for many e journals and online magazines. Have won many poetry and fiction writing contests too. Recently her poem has been published in an anthology 'Emotionally yours'. She is a mother of three who resides in Punjab.
Deepti Sharma

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