August Allure

August Allure

August heralds celebrations and ceremonies 
Independence Day ,Raakhi, Teej and others, many 

A time for reverence and religious sentiments 
Also fun, fervour and frolic moments 

For the God loving, a month of prayer, purity and penance 
For patriots, celebrating Freedom,  National fervour with reverence 

Paying obeisance to freedom fighters 
Honouring  Educationists, Statesmen and Administrators

Whatever be the expression of its parlance
There’s a spirit of excitement and exuberance 

And of course Friendship day for you and me  too 
Keeping the bonds going strong  through  ‘Bands’ anew.

Girlfriends Day, Beer Day, Book Lovers Day and Lazy Day also 
And a host of other funny days lined up with pomp and show

Above all, the monsoon magic casts a spell of spills
Pouring melodies of romance  and celebration thrills.

The world just looking awash and bright
Green and vibrant, full of bounce and sprite 

Ready for  August  company if you like for a while
Or read, write and recite in any manner or style 

Bonhomie, spirituality and bonding  charm at its best ,
Sing ,dance or make merry in any form with  zest 

August augurs emotions beautiful to play and strike,
A balance with mother nature and also self alike.

You can choose to be  in August company if you like 
Or spend time building memories for nostalgic types 

Whatever you do let sanity and reason  prevail 
Not allowing our senses to crash or derail

Trying to build up a spirit of unity in diversity 
The cultural cauldron striving to keep up, it’s sanctity.
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