It was pretty cold…I woke up searching for my favourite blanket…I realised my better half had devoured it…I reached in the dark for that familiar metal-glass- plastic item that makes our lives…meaningful…. my cell phone. A cold shiver runs down my spine. I suddenly remember I had left it down at the market for one minute to pay for some purchases. The next minute it was gone ..My brand new pink handset with a gorgeous ‘Girls Run The World ‘  back cover was robbed!

I came back, sullen-faced and got ready to cook dinner. No YouTube Music to listen to and actually nothing to distract me from cooking up a storm. I even found an old recipe book to help me along. During dinner  hubby, myself and kids had an engaging conversation. I kept feeling nervous in between though..No texts…nothing …because the cell was somewhere far away. I put it out of my mind…I had an undisturbed,  leisurely bath and decided to call my mom. Oh great…no phone and no one ever commits phone numbers to memory anymore. Out comes the trusty old moth-eaten diary. After a pleasant call to mom I begin to read the kids a bedtime story…I get half way through when the older one exclaims, “Mom, you didn’t tell me to read a passage today. You always tell me to do so, while you go through your phone”…I felt a lump in my throat. I made a mental note to myself that I would be  present not only physically but mentally for my little tykes! I hugged him and finished reading the story.

Hubby had already dozed off so I too turned in for the night  …Which brings me to the situation I am in right now…! Eagerly stretching out my hand for that precious object in the middle of the night…in order to check the time..!Oh no …what was I to do now.The cell had my alarms set and my to-do lists for the entire day… It had my plans detailed for the next six short my entire life! ..But eventually, I got up and set an alarm on the trusty old yellow alarm clock! I dozed off immediately what with no social apps to check up on and no phone games to play.

I woke up bright and fresh, prepared breakfast and me and my son completed a project for his school…This time I managed without Pinterest or YouTube. I was amazed at my prowess. I went to office and got caught up at work and not once did I miss my phone… Now and then I found myself, in stray moments, nervously reaching for my phone. I dialled my kids from the office phone and everything was hunky dory. At the end of the day I was surprised at myself…Today I was more attentive not only to my kids, my work, my job etc all thanks to the night I lost my phone!


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One thought on “Awakening

  1. Excellent story. Takes you back to the days when we had no phones and spoke only to friends we really cared about.Not FB ghost friends

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