Axes of Ataraxis

Axes of Ataraxis

The breeze whizzes through my tiny ear,
As I sleep a wink, I rise out of fear.
The waves waft and touch the earth,
I revel, take time to prove my worth.

The hush around placates my sanity,
Rather tough to concur with vanity.
The wind comforts my deeper spirit,
Motivates me to adapt than fear it.

The bright afternoon paints a bright sight,
Offering food to a calm appetite.
Seagulls glide and hover as they search,
An unfilled spot to alight with no lurch.

The seashore sports a quaint view to behold,
Incite to ingest tints, both soft and bold.
Mix of white and blue through colossal clouds,
Wrap me in the mounds of bluish white shrouds.

For inspiration, espy vast ocean,
And actuate a stellar devotion.
Spot the sun dipping below horizon,
Strewing the glow even when its wizened.

Evening heads to a poetic moonlight,
Though Moon is a shadow side of Sun’s bright.
A chariot, an eye of a dark night,
Causes tides, ripples soul for an insight.

I’m tied up in my thoughts and emotions,
Don’t have much time for romantic notions. 
I just desire to sculpt my persona,
Stay put, toil, and enjoy the corona.

Need to slowly fathom and ideate,
The calm traits of this serene estate.
So I grasp the peace and effectuate,
the richness into my soul and elate.

Such days are tokens, denoting treasures,
When I learnt to clutch onto such pleasures.
Nights render an attractive abode,
Quietude steers me through a prim road.

Happiness inside me gets unraveled,
When waves clean the shore that’s graveled.
I could close eyes and fade into the night,
Relish life’s poetry, as I recite.
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