In dusty alleyways, she wandered,
Born in scorching May, her spirit untamed.
Vibrant and bold, a tomboy at heart,
Her story unfolds, with dolls and boys as companions.

Liberty cradle to Independent choices, 
A nature wanderer in  Mumbai embraces,
From the flavors of the college canteen,
To love’s tale blossomed, bound by digital grace.

A web of romance  spun in the ’90s,
Two souls entwined, a tale whispered still,
Namma Chennai’s sway, a new chapter begun,
Tamil traditions, challenges overcome.

Raising a family, love’s steadfast helm,
A girl and a boy, heartthrobs raised,
Her life was a symphony, a melody of joy,
But shadows loomed, the weight of patriarchy,
Her spirit unbowed, defying fate.

“No more,” she cried, breaking the mold,
From the veil of a homemaker, her strength role,
In ashes immersed, her mother’s soul,
A phoenix rises, making herself ferocious and bold.

Firm decisions, paving her way,
Labels cast aside, a content writer’s domain.
A trending ‘Savage Woman,’ overwhelming all,
From couch potato to career, she takes the lead.

A journey to the self, her anthem clear,
In every challenge, she perseveres.
Her roar resounds, a fierce ‘Badass’ soul,
Empowered and strong, in control.
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