Barbie Dream

Barbie Dream

I am the sculpture I so willed to be,
 Behold my chiselled nose, peaking cheekbones,
Each muscle stuffed and to perfection carved, 
I’m beauty that my eyes would never see.

 I’ve given up ribs for that waist pixie,
Bosom heavy, fillers and fear within,
Expressions, emotions, shirk me the same,
I am the sculpture I so willed to be.

 I dance to the tunes of Sugar Daddy,
 No risk too great when chasing a mirage,
 I slip beneath the knife to flee from truth,
I’m beauty that my eyes would never see.

I am the sculpture I so willed to be,
A toxic marriage of body and mind,
 I’m beauty that my eyes would never see.
Author’s note:
Reports of teenagers and young adults undergoing multiple plastic surgeries to look like their
favourite animated characters are doing the rounds of late. The cosmetic procedures involve grave
medical risks. They are often irreversible, cost a huge amount of money and have adverse effects on
the quality of life of the person. Often, these people cannot afford the treatments and turn to being
adopted by another individual who pays for their needs, often in exchange for sexual favours. The
lingo used for such benefactors is Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mummy etc.

While every individual has a right to treat their own body the way they want, we need to look after
our children as a society. When boundaries are blurred, how much is too much?
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