Be Gone Winter

Be Gone Winter

Jeez, it’s freezing. Why, O why did I venture out? 
Achoo! Achoo! I sneeze in a darned frenzied bout.
I lament my sniffles, shivering my sweater,
God damn it! What a time to be under the weather!
The flakes are fluttering down, covering the land,
I stamp my feet, blow spiritedly on my gloved hand.
I pull down my woollen cap, yeah, the one mom knit.
I huddle from the wind, my attitude in a cold snit.
Alas! For me, warmth feels no affinity, it avoids me.
My chilblained toes ache, I yelp, hobbling by a tree.
My teeth chatter, like staccato tones from a typewriter
Should I return home? Maybe tomorrow will be better?
Nodding I take a step; Yikes! The ground beneath me slips
‘Ouch’ I yell out, muttering profanities as my tooth chips. 
Aw shucks man! I think. Was that a tooth I just nicked?
‘Oh, no!’ I realize in dismay because my jeans too is ripped.
So, I sit there on the snow, disbelief etched on my face,
Passerby’s chortle and chuckle at me, none offer solace.
Shivering, I hoist myself up, somehow I manage to stand
And then I scuttle back home, hobbling like the goddamned.
O be gone you infernal winter, I bewail once back home.
Only once you are gone, shall I deign to venture out alone.
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