Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

“Attention! Here comes the burst sofa,” laughed Stephie. The group of girls cachinnated behind their leader.

Rita felt like hiding somewhere. These bullies didn’t let her stay peacefully. She wished to disappear so that no one teased her for her looks, her body. 

Is it my fault that I am unattractive? Do I look so bad that the whole class laughs at me?”Rita would cry for hours talking to herself. 


Rita was very happy today. She had found a friend. While coming back from school, she had seen a doll thrown in dustbin. 

She looks like me, “she thought. Her eyes had fascinated her, she picked it up.

“I will name you Jessica. You can call me Rita. I live with my grandmother and now you can stay with us,” Rita was exhilarated.


Rita was no more an unhappy girl. Now, she had her best friend in whom she could confide and who would not laugh at her. After a taxing time in school, she would share her pain with her.

“Jessie, do you know? Because of my dark color and weight, that Stephie and her gang make fun of me and call me names, “Rita whined.

Jessie was looking at her as if she was all ears to her. 

Rita continued, “Granny doesn’t pay heed to my complaints but I am glad at least you are patient with me. Tell me one thing, why does no girl in the class talk to me? Today, Maria called me ugly. I really wish no one disparages me,” lamented Rita with tears rolling down.


“Maria, I am so happy that you came to my house,” gushed Rita.

Maria answered coldly, “hey, don’t be under the impression that I am in moods to be friend with you. The other day you were talking about your doll collection. So, I was just eager to see them. I haven’t informed at home so just be quick.”

“Oh! I thought otherwise. Anyways, check this. This is Frida, Lushika, Cherrie. But my favorite is the new addition; my Jessie, “effused the teenager.

Maria was instantly enthralled by Jessie’s eyes. Maria’s purple eyes twinkled while touching that doll; there was something about that inanimate beauty.

“Ouch!”whimpered Maria. Her pale, delicate skin was pierced by Jessie’s shoe buckle!

Very next moment Maria stopped moaning. Rita smiled as she saw Maria looking into Jessie’s dilated pupils.  

Yes, she is hypnotized, “she grinned.


Next day, the whole town was grabbed in fear and shock.

Purple body of a girl found near graveyard. Girl is identified as Maria Gomes,”the headline was flashing everywhere. 

“You know why didn’t I go to school today? My classmate Maria passed away, “Rita smirked while Jessie’s purple eyes twinkled.

“Jessie, I feel my wish will be granted soon and no one will fat shame me anymore. Otherwise remember, Stephie fat shames me as well,” whispered Rita.

Jessie’s purple eyes turned red as if saying, “Your wish is my command, my master.”


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One thought on “Beautiful Eyes

  1. Very scary and sounded so real. Very interesting narration. Loved every bit of it .
    I just found a couple of typos/mistakes which you may have easily eliminated in your editing. Especially the placement of closing quotation.

    Just take it as a suggestion. None of the typo made the story idea change a bit.

    //the whole class laughs at me?”Rita
    or “effused the teenager.
    and “Ouch!”whimpered Maria.
    and “Yes, she is hypnotized, “she grinned.
    and Maria Gomes,”the headline was flashing everywhere.
    misplaced quotation signs(may be just a typo)

    // I am in moods
    I am in the mood(for being in the right state of mind)
    I am in a mood(just a short way of saying in a bad mood)
    so ‘I am in moods’ is doubtful

    //Very next moment Maria
    The very next moment

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