Beauty of Life

Beauty of Life

Marriage, nuptial bliss.
Expected things.
Awaited dreams.
Holding close.
Memories of past.
Mesmerized self.

Craving for little one.
Happy moment.
Sharing smiles.
Getting love.
A tiny world.
Mornings content.

Shrieks & tears roll.
Baby no more.
Gone her smiles n hopes.
Shattered n gloomy.
Her days are blue.
Nights are empty.

Cradle is unpleasant.
Small shoes bring pain.
Caps and socks mock at her.
Husband’s love duplicate!
Dull face, sunken eyes.
O, God! Why , Why?

Give my baby back.
To hold in arms.
Cradle is empty.
Heart craves the kicks.
I want the movement.
And the baby smell.
Around me always.

Again blessed.
Child is her world.
Mornings are chaos.
Days are hectic.
Work n work.
Heart is happy.
Life is beautiful.
So much in a baby!

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