The first fresh raindrop of Monsoon
Rain, Rain on parched earth, you’re a boon
The sweet Daisies and Lambs of Spring
The Robins who trill, chirp and sing
Beauty is Innocence

Winter of snowmen, snowflakes
Christmas, cookies and log cakes
The rust coloured leaf of Autumn
Carmine, Gold, Amber and then some
Beauty is Harlequin

A meadow of dancing wildflowers
A canvas with myriad colours
Breaking dawn and waning sunset
On a celestial palette
Beauty is Hypnotic

Deep woods which have a log cabin
A waterfall, stream…Imagine!
A rising moon, silver moonlight
The first star that I see at night
Beauty is Empyrean

Over the rainbow, short goodbye
Are the eternal you and I
The cosmic dance we had performed
Long forgotten, sometimes malformed
Beauty is Infinite
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