Bella’s Anointment

Bella’s Anointment

The night skies sparkled with magic from the Heavens. 

God mother fairy had announced Little Bella as the new tooth fairy tonight in a grand ceremony. 

The fairy kingdom was celebrating the successful acquisition of the new fairy-in-charge, Bella. The stars stretched to infinity and the full moon glittered in all its glory. 

For the anointment to be deemed successful, Godmother fairy called Bella over. “Dear Bella, go down to Earth and get the scheduled broken tooth of two kids without disturbing their sleep. Don’t forget to replace the tooth with our standard return gifts. Here’s the list!”

She presented a winged parchment that looked like a translucent, dainty butterfly. She picked her wand with confidence and flicked it. 

The parchment opened its wings and announced “Daniel, Anna.”

Bella had seen other fairies perform the charms several times over.

Bella flicked her wand once again as she chanted her spells, “Hocus Pocus, Cocker-Spaniel,

Just focus, and take me to L’il Daniel!”

Swish…. And she found herself right outside Daniel’s bedroom window. Daniel was in deep slumber. The window curtains gently swayed to the tunes of the night breeze. 

Tiny Bella could easily enter from a mini crevice on the window-pane.

Gently, she squeezed herself below Daniel’s pillow and pulled out his broken tooth. She remembered to place the return gift pouch containing ‘Butternut Caramel Candies’ and a coin with the symbolic fairy wings engraved. It could fulfil three wishes when the child behaved well.

“Enjoy your gift, Daniel. Trust you will like it!” she whispered and flew out. 

Time was scanty and she had to return before dawn. She flicked her wand and swiftly began her next chant. “Tinkle-twinkle on a Cabana, Just sprinkle magic as you take me to Anna!”

Swoosh…. Bella found herself right beside Anna’s bed. Anna looked pretty in her sleep.

Bella didn’t waste much time in pulling Anna’s tooth from beneath her pillow and replaced it with the gift pouch with the candies and coin.

Just as she was about to chant her spell back to the Heavens, Anna’s pet cat pounced upon Bella. Bella was petrified but didn’t lose her courage. 

She could hardly breathe. Nevertheless, she managed to flick her wand with great difficulty and chanted, “Magic wand from the Heavens, take me safely to my own Haven!”

Whizz… And Bella found herself back home. 

The fairies who were witnessing her moves on Earth gathered around her with a look of concern. 

Bella spoke confidently, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

She knew she had to complete her mission. She quickly took out the broken tooth pieces, sprinkled some pixie dust, flicked her wand and chanted yet again, “Dribble- drabble, be bizarre, Nibble the tooth as you turn them into Stars!”

An array of diamond sparks splintered in full force as the teeth formed two new bright stars against the dark canvas. The fairies cheered in delight. Bella was anointed successfully.

Once again, the night skies sparkled with magic from the Heavens.
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