Between Red and Green

Between Red and Green

He grabbed the window seat as the engine roared to life
He could gawk at the rosy world forgetting his strife
Just then, Gods decided to bestow him with a gift
For, that day his cursory glance forgot to shift
When the bus halted seeing a red light!

She sat in luxury, oblivious of his gaze
He kept on looking at her as if in daze
Hoping against hope, that he would catch her eye
Heavens cackled loudly, scowling at his hopeless, futile try
Wondering when would love learn the ways of the world!

Her soft brown eyes felt his presence and looked up to see
His mirthful eyes holding hers with an odd but sweet plea
Her frown and smile were a profound mismatch
Like their social stature; gold robe with abysmal patch
But as it happens with love, the green light turned it blind!
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